“OH NO, MOM’S GOING TO BE SO MAD YOU’RE GOING TO SLEEP IN THE HERBY CURBY TONIGHT WITH THE LID ON.” – Odette, age 5, chastising Eliette after she spilled cereal on the rug

“Can they hear me in other countries?” – Odette, age 4, wondering if her flute music can be heard internationally

“My name is Eddie, I am six and obsessed with finding out who would defeat God in a battle. So far, Mom has made convincing arguments as to why volcanoes, King Kong, lava and metal would not win against God.”

“Miiiiiiiike!” – Eliette, age 2, greeting her Uncle Vince

“F&CK!!!!!!! My f*cking leg.” – Odette, age 3, waking up in pain the night she broke her leg.

“Intentionally spilling things, hitting people, spitting in everything except the sink.” – Nick, referring to Eliette’s habits at age 2.

“A cramp? Oh, is that where you have poop marks in your underwear? I get those all the time.” – Odette, relating to Mom’s foot cramp as mom horifically looks on.