June happenings.

Odette’s end of year concert just passed and I had to work, so I was sad to miss it! Nick took the morning off and invited Aunt Rosemary and Uncle Willy and so they got a chance to watch 40+ kindergarteners sing silly songs. (And then proceed to gorge themselves on baked goods and juice immediately afterwards!) Out of all the events thru the year, this is one I really enjoy. The teachers put on a good concert and at the end each child receives a portfolio of all their art prints and a photo book showcasing their work along with photos taken through the year. Truly a beautiful little keepsake.

As expected, Odette did not sing. Nor did she smile. Was I surprised or disappointed? Truthfully, I would have been surprised if she did sing and smile. But that’s her. She had a good time and more importantly, had a great first school year in JK. I worried a bit about her, but she is independent and somewhat of an introvert. She’s got a hell of a lot of attitude, but she’s strong and can handle herself. A bit different than Eddie, but both of them adapt well. I am a very proud mother.

Father’s Day was spent at the Ouellette’s along with Martin and Carly, Aunt Rosemary and Uncle Willy, Aunt Nancy, Dad and the Stojakovics’. The weekend was forecasted to be 100F with humidity, so when we got the invite for swimming and snacks, we jumped on it! The kids had a great time in the pool and probably swam for close to four hours. True to form, Odette was super excited and immediately jumped into the pool without her puddle jumper. I was busy applying sunscreen to Eliette’s body when I looked up to see Nick bolt by, jump into the pool and fish out a very stunned 5-year-old. Thankfully Aunt Janet was already in the water and watched the whole thing happen! And was ready to save a life! (You can read about her first Father’s Day near-drowning here). Eliette was a bit more reserved, choosing to spend most of her time hanging out on the steps or by the edge, but towards the end she was enjoying being in the water so long as she was furiously clinging onto me or Nick. I have the fingernail scratches to prove it. Eddie, as expected, spent the most time in the water. I told Nick he reminds me of Rip Hamilton – so much going on when he swims! A swim shirt, goggles, puddle jumper and usually either a pool noodle or water cannon. Accessorized to the maximum. We can always count on the Aunt Janet and Uncle Ken to host a good party! Roast beef sandwiches with coleslaw was served, along with different appetizers, dip and lots of fruit. And gummy candy. Lots of candy.

We’ve been finding out who we can call family these days. And we are thankful for the people we can really count on. It was a great afternoon!


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