A couple that inks together…

It has been a few weeks of very slow correspondence between myself and Tim, but we are finally, finally booked for some new artwork.

Nick took the plunge last year and got his first tattoo. We both are big fans of Tim Power’s work and assumed he’d stay local and we’d have the luxury of booking an appointment and walking down the street to the shop whenever we fancied. But then came the announcement in March that he was moving to Guelph and both of us scrambled to get another piece done before he left.

Nick fell down the tattoo rabbit hole that day, and it’s one I’m happy to accompany him down. It’s no secret that I’ve wanted a sleeve done for a while. It’s just nicer to have a spouse to run ideas by and make bookings with.

So we are off to Guelph for some work on July 27th, and since we’re already travelling sans enfants, we decided to see if any relatives were available to watch the kids for a couple nights and give ourselves a weekend alone. Together. It pains me to reveal that Nick and I have never spent a night away from the kids in the seven years we’ve had them, so we are long, long overdue. Inexplicably, the stars aligned and I had booked babysitters, two tattoos and an AirBnB in Toronto for two nights in the span of an hour.

I am very, very excited.

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