My oldest turned 7 a couple weeks ago, and I’m just posting about it now!

I can’t believe he’s seven. Seven years have flown by. It feels like it’s flown by and in other ways it feels like it’s taken forever to get here. We celebrated in the identical way we celebrated Odette’s birthday – with a few cupcakes from Sweet Revenge and keeping it low key. Eddie started his orthodontic treatment too, and he’s got an expander that’s widening his top jaw. Nick and I were more upset about it than he was, but he’s handled it beautifully. The first few days were drooly, but he’s figured out how to eat and speak with it. Cheers to straight teeth!

The kids also started skating lessons with Riverside Skating Club. I found a Groupon for 3 lessons (for $30!), so we bought skates, helmets and took them out. They fell a lot, and they fell hard, but no tears and they kept at it. By the end they were pretty done with it.

We’re in the mode of gearing up for spring and summer as the weather gets warmer. We’ve been on our bikes, hanging out outside and going for walks with Morris. Life is busy with activities and work, but Eliette is slowly getting out of that baby stage and things are getting more fun, albeit more crazy.

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