Odette turns five.

I had hoped to post something sooner, but I got hit with the flu on Easter Monday and have been pretty much bed-ridden all week. Today is Friday and it’s the first day I am able to walk from my bedroom, down the stairs to the main floor without having to stop and catch my breath.

You always hear about the flu causing “death, in severe cases” – yeah, I really believe that warning now. I have never in my life felt more terrible than I have the last four days. Today is a turning point, though, and I am thankful for my health. It’s only improvement from here.

So where to start? Well, my hilarious, beautiful, cheeky daughter turned five on Tuesday.

We started this tradition last year where we would buy the Betty Crocker boxed cake mix and icing and make our own cupcakes (diabetes for under $6!), but with our oven being broken, Nick picked up some cupcakes at Sweet Revenge for us to share after dinner. We opt for quiet birthdays, lending more celebration to family events like Christmas. But she was happy. I had a bag of new clothes for her, along with a bed tent, a fancy little cloud shaped mirror to decorate her new room with. Uncle Guy and Aunt Evelyn came by with some gifts and Aunt Jessie dropped off a jewelry making set and tote.

The next day I had my dad drive Eddie and I to the orthodontist for the installation of his jaw expander. We were referred for orthodontic work a few months ago and his treatment plan started this week. I felt out of sorts with a fever of 103 and not safe to drive, but I didn’t want to cancel. Thankfully Papa was able to bring us. Ed handled everything like a champ; it took a total of thirty minutes. I was shown how to insert the key and make the turn to expand the jaw, and he was shown how to keep everything clean. I really doubt I’d have adjusted to this thing as well as he has. There’s been some difficulty with eating, but it will take time. Thankfully there’s another little girl in his class that is having orthodontic work done, so he won’t be the only little kid in his class with a lisp!

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