It has been three hot days in a row. Windsor seems to always skip spring and go straight into summer. I have been hot, smelly, swollen and more than ready to have this baby. As I expected, I am "overdue". There were a couple nights where painful contractions woke me up but once sunrise came, … Continue reading 40+2

Long weekend

Coming to you from the close of an amazingly beautiful (and productive) Victoria Day long weekend! The weather has been perfectly perfect the last few days which made for perfect planting weather. I spent Friday roaming the stores, getting my flowers together. The overcast day made it great for getting my plants in the pots. … Continue reading Long weekend


It's been a few weeks of non-stop pregnancy blogging. Now that things are back to normal, let's get back to normal blogging! I felt especially ambitious today. After getting the kids off to school and daycare, I made a quick trip to Walmart for some groceries. I figure since I'm home I should be striving … Continue reading Normalcy

2 days post

The night following the ECV was strange. My contractions changed around 10pm from Braxton Hicks to lower abdominal painful tightenings, very similar to early labor with O. And they were regular, strong and lasting 60-90seconds. I had not gotten much sleep the night before due to anxiety and the contractions were making it nearly impossible … Continue reading 2 days post


Successful version today. Baby is head down and ready to go! Currently laying in bed with my hospital bracelet still on but I wanted to journal this before I forget the details. We were in the middle of driving to Lola Auntie's house with Odette when the hospital called to ask if we could get … Continue reading Flipped!


My consultation with Dr. Mundle went well. Not too long of a wait and he seems respectful enough of how I want things to go. Which is basically: - Successful turn = monitoring for 1-2hrs and discharge home to await labor He would prefer an immediate induction but that just isn't necessary...at least from everything … Continue reading Booked